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Data is the New Black

Idea in Brief:

Understanding Customer Aquisition Costs (CAC), knowing your customer and listening to data builds resiliency in business.

Remember, if your goal is to get a bar full of cowboys to dance, understand their needs before you pay the jukebox.

Because cowboys don’t know how to dance to pop music (can’t move fast enough – too much starch in their jeans).

Know your customer, what they need, when they need it and the amount it’s costing you to inspire them to do the thing you want them to do.

Otherwise, you risk paying too much for too little in return. You’ll be all Rhianna and no diamonds.

Talk Summary:

Tracking data is the path to revenue growth. CAC is a vital budget tool. Awareness is the first step to lowering CAC.

Troubleshoot leaking acquisition funnels:

• Understand your audience; segment ads to solve their problems
• Improve UX (User Experience) and CX (Customer Experience)
• Make great content
• A/B test your approach
• Listen to your results
• Net higher gains per customer through retention

Focus more on business operations, logistics and CX — less on superficial glamorous things. Cognitive bias and vanity metrics are data traps.

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Get the incredibly fun handout!

This PDF contains basic calculations for CAC, CLV and Allowable Cost — CAC’s bossier older sister.

It’s like homework except not boring because it can make you money!

Refresh your memory with these super beautiful slides from my talk.

Recommended Knowledge

The secret to being better at business is building better relationships…including the one with yourself.

Stop Reading Facebook

Read these books instead.

Seriously, get the f*ck off Social Media.

Here is why.

How to Win Friends & Influence People

Dale Carneige

Understand how people skills work. If you are thinking of paying an Influencer as part of your marketing strategy, first learn how influence works. Also try the updated version How to Win Friends & Influence People in the Digital Age. 

Buy the book.


7 Habits of Highly Effective People   

Stephen Covey

Want to be a #BossBabe? Learn how the most effective people manage their time and energy with this insanely helpful classic. Hint: it’s NOT about wearing the right blazer or having followers on Instagram. 

Buy the book. It’s a staple of any entrepreneur’s library.


The Essentials  

Harvard Business Review

You don’t need an MBA to understand the concepts from HBR in their friendly, short, easy-to-read publications.  Also excellent: On Emotional Intelligence and On Mental Toughness. Actually…pretty much everything from them is great. 

Buy the books. They are great references.


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Mark Manson

If you struggle with needing everyone to like you read this now. People pleasing leads to inaction and diminished trust. This book helps you evaluate your values and priorities so you focus on things that actually matter. 

Great on Audible. 

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