GeoFli is the world’s simplest content replacement tool for website personalization. This SaaS company lets anyone master the marketing power of geotargeting and declutter a visitor’s content experience.

GeoFli’s key features allows users to change over 6 different areas of page content based on a user’s location.

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Deliverables & Services

Visual Design

Logo & mark updates
Print & digital communication pieces
Retargeting display ads

Web Design

Design & deployment

The Challenge

Explaining the value of higher quality of ingredients as a method of decreasing costs over time through improved efficiency.

As a product line in an emerging market quickly shedding itself of antiquated stereotypes, the company needed to meet the expectations of ascendant consumer groups.

In many cases, consumers may be experiencing cannabis in new mediums (such as vape extract) or in a legalized manner for the first time.

Display Ads

Change your content based on user location.

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