People’s Cannabis Products

People’s Cannabis delivers premium, additive-free extract products for daily users at affordable prices.

The California-based company uses innovative extract technologies to create highly purified THC oil that maximizes the flower’s full effect and flavor without added chemicals or preservatives.

Deliverables & Services

Identity & Materials

Logo & mark
Package design
Promotional materials
Brand style guide

Web Design

Design & deployment
WordPress implementation

Brand Strategy

Promise, mission and brand pillars
Market positioning
Target consumer profiling

Writing & Editing

Sales language
Elevator pitch
Web copy

The Challenge

The brand’s greatest challenge was explaining how their science-backed process improved quality without alienating consumers with complex extraction lingo.

As a product line in an emerging market quickly shedding itself of antiquated stereotypes, the company needed to meet the expectations of ascendant consumer groups.

In many cases, consumers may be experiencing cannabis in new mediums (such as vape extract) or in a legalized manner for the first time.

But how does a consumer choose?

The specialization of cannabis agriculture and extraction technologies has improved the accuracy of strain-specific effects. This ever-widening variety of products can feel overwhelming to new users.

Color palettes and photographic “vibe” GIFs (below) were created to offer consumer guidance for each product’s effect.

CBD feels like
Indica feels like
Hybrid feels like
Sativa feels like

Brand Book

An 8-page bi-folded staple bound booklet to share the company’s values and products with consumers and retailers.

Step & Repeat

Created for the product launch party and designed for the ultimate branded selfie.


That was pretty cool.
For the launch party, the company had their logo etched into ice.

Hello Box

Crafted for new retailers and full of goodies to make new friends…and sales.

A rose by any other name…

This brand underwent a name change in summer 2018.

Style Guide

It’s difficult to know where you’re going without a map. This guide promotes a consistent brand message and visual tool rules.

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