28 Days of Social Media Insights + 90 Days of Google Analytics

As of November 17, 2017

Connecting with Social Content


Meaningful connection with your audience means making your brand part of their own story.

PerforMix gave their Social Media audience what they wanted: photos and videos of their friends competing at the Western States Ranch Rodeo Finals.

It paid off by increasing the shareability of branded content which boosts brand awareness and trust.

Gaining Internet Traction


Performix’s new site is slowly climbing the search engine ladder but it takes time to earn a place at the top.

Making up for lost SEO time and – more importantly – lost data because of an outdated site will take time. At the 90 day mark of a new site, we can begin to make some sense of the data.

The common next step for a company at this point of launch is to implement SEM strategies such as Google Display Ads.

Measuring success

Data tracking and engagement rates.

Audience engagement equals brand awareness and likeability. It builds trust and good vibes.
Below is an overview of Performix’s metrics, analytics, and social media stats.

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Starting from zero:
how social media at an event boosted brand awareness.

Page Views
People Reached
Post Engagements
New Likes
Facebook data insights snap shot from past 28 days: Oct.21 – Nov.17

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[dylan_page_title title=”Top 3 Best Performing Facebook Posts” subtitle=”This content outperformed all other content posted to date.” tag=”h3″ horizontal_rule=”1″ text_transform=”upper”]

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#1 – Photo Collection

This post was seen by the most amount of people because it was shared the most.


Users want content that relates to their lives. This post featured photos of real community members doing something other community members cared about: competing at a ranch rodeo.

By providing relevant, non-salesy content people were able to make the PerforMix brand part of their personal story. 

  • Total People Reached
  • Reactions
  • Post Clicks
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#2 – Video

The has been our best performing video and second best-performing post based on total reach and views.


Top Audience Views: Women ages 25-34

Top Location: Idaho

Unique Viewers: 1,390 – 6 total shares


  • Total People Reached
  • Reactions
  • Post Clicks
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#3 – Post Event Photo Album

The most recently published event photo collection is steadily climbing into 3rd place.


Giving people content they are craving makes people happy. People want to see pictures from the event before the professional event photographers publish their images. We gave them that. 


  • Total People Reached
  • Reactions
  • Post Clicks

[dylan_page_title title=”Snapchat Geofilter Stats” subtitle=”Branded geofilters implemented during 3 days of WSRRA finals ” tag=”h1″ horizontal_rule=”1″ text_transform=”upper”]


[dylan_counter number=”355″ text=”Total Swipes” icon_color=”black” icon=”hc-phone”][dylan_counter number=”181″ text=”Total Uses” icon_color=”black” icon=”hc-photo”][dylan_counter number=”9500″ text=”Total Views in a Snap” icon_color=”black” icon=”hc-look”]

Rope Giveaway Contest Results

This content generated great interaction
Email Sign Up Contest

To enter the contest, each user was required to fill out a brief form with their name and contact information. Event attendees could enter either online or at the booth.


Social media contests are great ways to garner brand interest and engagement. The end point, however, is to leverage that engagement. Using the email lists we collected, PNS is now able to create an email campaign. 

[dylan_counter number=”163″ text=”Number of Entries” icon_position=”block” icon=”hc-box1″]
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  • Total People Reached
  • Reactions
  • Post Clicks

[dylan_page_title title=”3 Month Web Traffic Analytics ” subtitle=”Google Analytics from September 1 – November 17″ tag=”h1″ horizontal_rule=”1″ hr_color=”white” text_transform=”upper”]

[dylan_counter number=”1439″ text=”Total User Visits to Site” icon_color=”white” icon_position=”block” icon=”hc-user”]

Term Definition
The number of individual people who visited any part of the site.

[dylan_counter number=”4474″ text=”Number of Total Pageviews” icon_color=”white” icon_position=”block” icon=”hc-look”]

Term Definition
The total number of individual pages viewed. A single visitor (1 person) ideally will view multiple pages (clocked, for example, as 3 pageviews) before leaving the site.

[dylan_counter number=”1057″ text=”New Users” icon_color=”white” icon_position=”block” icon=”hc-delete-user”]

Term Definition
A new user is someone who is visiting the site for the very first time vs a returning visitor.

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[dylan_page_title title=”Click image to view result graph” subtitle=”Google Analytics data snapshot from past 3 months” tag=”h3″ text_align=”left” horizontal_rule=”1″ hr_color=”white” text_transform=”upper”]

[dylan_page_title title=”Acquisition” subtitle=”Where is your traffic coming and how people are finding your site.” tag=”h1″ horizontal_rule=”1″ text_transform=”upper”]

  • Organic Search
  • Direct
  • Referral
  • Social


[dylan_page_title title=”Acquisition Channel Insights” subtitle=”Deep dive into each category.” tag=”h3″ horizontal_rule=”1″ text_transform=”upper”]

Organic Search

Top 10 Search Terms

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Direct Traffic

Top 10 Landing Pages

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Referral Sources

Top 10 Sources

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Social Platforms

Top Social Platforms

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[dylan_page_title title=”User Behavior” subtitle=”A quick insight into what people are viewing most, when they are viewing and on what device.” tag=”h1″ horizontal_rule=”1″ text_transform=”upper”]

[dylan_page_title title=”Time of Day Users Visit Most” tag=”h4″ text_transform=”upper”]

[dylan_page_title title=”Most Viewed Pages” tag=”h4″ text_transform=”upper”]

[dylan_page_title title=”Visits by Device” tag=”h4″ text_transform=”upper”]

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
[dylan_page_title title=”Audience Demographics ” subtitle=”Not all of your users may have demographics associated with them, so these reports may only represent a subset of your users and may not be representative of your overall site composition.” tag=”h1″ horizontal_rule=”1″ text_transform=”upper”]

[dylan_page_title title=”Visitor Location” subtitle=”Data is from United States tracking only.” horizontal_rule=”1″ text_transform=”upper”]

View Top 4 Regions by Top City Location

Click image to enlarge

[dylan_page_title title=”What this all means” subtitle=”A very brief summary of next step recommendations” tag=”h1″ horizontal_rule=”1″ text_transform=”upper”]

[dylan_page_title title=”Consider Advertising on Facebook” tag=”h3″ subtitle_position=”top” text_align=”left” text_transform=”upper”]
Why? Because you’re reaching the most amount of people.

Facebook reported 2.07 billion monthly active users during its 3rd quarter report. In other words, that’s 1/3 of the entire world’s population. That’s a lot of eyeballs.

Facebook allows businesses to target their ads to users based on:

  • location
  • age
  • gender
  • interests (such as pages liked)
  • time of day


What makes this awesome:

Your ad dollars are only spent showing your ad to the exact type of people in the exact location you want to sell your products. You’re able to choose the time of day your ad is shown to match when your users are most active.

In other words, Facebook lets you curate your most ideal marketing audience while delivering specific insights about performance.

[dylan_page_title title=”Leverage Mailing Lists” tag=”h3″ subtitle_position=”top” text_align=”left” text_transform=”upper”]

Continue to provide compelling messages after customers or users sign up with your brand.

Email campaigns are great ways to announce a new product launch – think smaller, lighter BoviBoxes – or other interesting news. 

Mail apps, such as MailChimp, let you segment your email lists. This way news that might only pertain to dairy operations won’t be sent to beef producers.

Delivering targeted campaigns like this means people won’t hate you for wasting their time on stuff they don’t like. 


Getting Started

The first step is figuring out what you want the email recipient to do.

This is referred to as a “Call to Action.” 

Is the action to read an article? Is it buy a new product? Maybe you just want to check in on how their experience has been and rate the company. 

Once the CTA – or Call to Action – is established you can create a mail campaign around it. 

[dylan_page_title title=”Encourage Online Reviews” tag=”h3″ subtitle_position=”top” text_align=”left” text_transform=”upper”]

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

The opinion of long-time customers helps build trust in new ones. Product reviews are some of the most powerful assets a company can have. It’s Word-of-Mouth exposure that’s available to everyone.

Creating tailored customer testimonials is good but it’s almost impossible to avoid bias in a review produced by the brand itself.


What to do instead

Reach out to your favorite customers and ask for feedback either on the PNS Google Business page or on Facebook. This shows you value the opinion of your customer and opens up a dialogue about their experience with the company.

[dylan_page_title title=”Your #1 Brand Competitor might be a Sports Nutrition Company” tag=”h3″ subtitle_position=”top” text_align=”left” text_transform=”upper”]

From Google’s perspective, this might be your biggest competitor: Performix Nutrition.

This company has a great brand presence and literally the same name. It is probably the reason some of your traffic looks weird – think a lot of L.A. or Salt Lake City visitors.

It likely also explains the steep drop off – or Bounce Rate – on the homepage: people are trying to find the sports nutrition company but accidentally come to PNS. 


How to fix this

Continue producing more content that is good. Publish it everywhere. Make sure content includes the proper keywords, hashtags, and links that relate to livestock nutrition. Encourage employees to share day-to-day experiences for Facebook publishing.

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