Pop-Up Potcorn

PopUp Potcorn merges the convenience of microwave popcorn with cannabis extract.

Their goal is to provide a consistent savory cannabis edible with a satisfying portion size in relation to cannabis quantity using sustainable ingredients.

Deliverables & Services

Identity & Materials

Logo & mark
Package design
Promotional materials
Brand style guide

Web Design

Design & deployment
WordPress implementation

Brand Strategy

Promise, mission and brand pillars
Market positioning
Target consumer profiling

Writing & Editing

Sales Language
Product description
Web copy
Company profile

The Challenge

Creating a brand that is playfully mature for an emerging consumer audience.

This nascent industry creates hurdles for every company. Balancing shifting regulations and consumer education is tricky.

Pop-Up’s key consumer challenge is promoting their excellent flavor but also delivering on mental effect.

Keep the
party going

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UX design on their website.

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