Boutique Hub Western Summit 2019

Breakout Session @ 2:30pm

Data is the New Black

How much do your new customers cost & other stories from your data.

Session Details

Companies have access to more information about their customer than at any point in history. How does a small business make sense of the numbers?

Learn how a data-driven mindset improves revenue resiliency and helps reduce Customer Acquisition Costs.

This session will help boutique owners discover how to creatively interpret data to improve online conversions and how troubleshooting your brand experience might fix a leaky sales funnel.

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Some things attendees will learn
  • How to calculate your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) + why it seriously matters
  • How companies waste their paid traffic + how to fix it
  • How to look at data trends creatively
  • Solving customer problems + why your product opinion doesn’t matter
Best for:
  • People who sell online
  • Anyone struggling with their conversion rate or overwhelmed by data
  • People spending too much or too little on acquiring new customers or if they aren’t sure
Maybe skip if:
  • You primarily sell brick and mortar
  • You hire a team to manage your digital marketing strategies (they’re probably doing a great job!)
  • You’re a data scientist
  • You hate the internet

About this event

The Western Summit is presented by The Boutique Hub, where the voice of the boutique fashion industry. It’s two-sided platform connects shoppers with boutiques they love around the world on a single platform, while also connecting the greater boutique community of boutique owners, brands, designers, influencers, and service providers. It’s two sides, Boutique. Style and The Boutique Hub: Business reach tens of thousands of consumers, boutique owners, and apparel brands online, and through the community’s events, blog, trainings, and online platform.

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